Friday, 27 March 2009

Vintage Fugstumes -- the Medieval edition

The 'Vikings' in the previous post were brought to you by Vintage Costumes, which also offers Medieval and Renaissance outfits featuring dubious choices in colour, fabric and pattern.  

Their Medieval section is headed up by a 'King Arthur' in a floor-length tunic... which I'd applaud if it weren't made out of crushed velvet and metallic gold.  Also, one wonders why Artie is wearing a chainmail coif when clearly he's not otherwise prepared for fighting.  We've also got a crusader with no protective gear aside from a coif, wildly inaccurate leather armour with no semblance of padding, peasant tunics paired with trousers, and a cheezy cheap satin jester outfit.

For the ladies, there's a Medieval queen to match King Arthur, with the same crushed velvet and liquid gold.  We've got the usual tavern wench costumes with front-lacing bodices, not seen anywhere in the middle ages.  We've got another jester, this time with opera gloves and no sleeves!  There's a shapeless 'Medieval Sorceress' with a cone-shaped hennin (which is indeed period but should be worn with Burgundian gowns, which are fitted). There's a sideless surcoat worn over a gathered, puff-sleeved chemise (a glaring error — the garments beneath these were close-fitting).  And there are seven, count 'em, seven duplicates of this dress:

I might give this pattern a pass if worn by an SCA newbie, but it wouldn't fly if accuracy were essential.  The sleeves would look better if they flared from the elbow, with no seam, and the curving seams over the bust are modern, modern, modern.  The biggest problem here, though, is that they've made versions with crushed velvet or shimmering lamé.  

It's nice that they supply so many plus-sized options.  Too bad they look comically cheesy.

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