Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Realm of Fantasy Collections

Realm Collections claims to be for Re-enactors: 'Thou can find all thou needs for the upcoming SCA meeting. Find all you need from SCA armor to the perfect SCA garb.'

Oh boy. If you don't know how to use thee/thy/thou, please don't try.

Anyway, some of their stuff - for example, the stuff they're reselling from Sofi's Stitches - is fine. Other things, well. They claim 'Introduced in the late 1400's, this festive Celtic Dress may still be seen in Europe today.'

What what? Oh yeah I see these on the streets of Dublin all the time. It doesn't look accurate to anything, it's certainly not 1400, and I don't care what language the dress speaks.

Well how about the... Gypsy Princess Garb?!? I won't even start.

The men get a 'Norman Saxon Tunica'. It's a perfectly inoffensive early tunic, in case you wondered; I have no idea what the Romans or the Normans have to do with it.

There is one thing I noted with joy: this site actually has a long, ankle-length tunic for men! About time someone offered one of the most commonly worn medieval garments. It's, uh, a shame that it's black cotton, huh?

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  1. Now I'm confused. I'm sure I saw that 'Celtic Dress' on Sofi's Stitches' website a few years ago. It's certainly the same model they've been using. I've forgotten what they said about it, but I don't remember it being anything stupid and I'm sure this place has changed the text.