Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dragons & Fugicorns

Dragons & Unicorns claim to be 'costumers extrordinaire,'  though their site would indicate they're not smart enough to slap up a half decent webpage.  So, what are they offering?  The worst Roman General in the world!  And here's Hilda, who owes a lot more to Eowyn than to the middle ages.  Yes, the costumes in LotR were great.  But I the trouble is that people see it and think it'd make great garb.  The movie was creating a fantasy world and drew its inspiration from everything from the real middle ages to Gothic Revival and Art Nouveau.  This place has a fantasy section, so why isn't it there?  And are we really expected to pay 130 GBP for crushed velvet?

They pair a scoop neck with Tudor sleeves and call it Medieval.  And model it with that infamous crime of Faire goers, chainmail jewellery.  And in the actual Tudor section, we get this.  What is this thing?  A gathered skirt with an elastic band?  I've seen better costumes made by SCA newbies who've never seen medieval fashion before they joined and haven't tried stitching in their lives!  Oh, and their doublet sucks.  Cheap trim, poorly made, and lacking front fastenings and sleeves.

They also offer us the worst Elizabeth Swann costume I have ever seen, and loads of shapeless Harry Potter stuff.  Stay well away.

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