Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Queen Elizafug

I have been seeing this horror all over the place.  If it were a cheap Halloween costume I'd leave it alone, but in fact it's retailing for as much as $330!

It would be hard to list everything that's wrong with this, but I'll give it a go.  The large, standing collar, an Elizabethan feature, should be made with white lace (as shown in late portraits of Elizabeth).  The sweetheart neckline is Regency at the earliest, the bows down the front of the bodice are Rococo, and the contrasting waistband is an error.  The floofy little cuffs are also a Rococo idea that should begin just below the elbow, be made of the same fabric as the bodice, and have a layer of lace beneath.  I've never seen little bows like this down the front of a skirt and it's certainly not Elizabethan.  They're faking the look of a split overskirt, exposing an underskirt, by tacking on a line of ruffles.  The ruffles at the hem are not period, and there should be a bumroll instead of a skirt that angles to the floor in a perfect cone.  And the glittery paisley looks like 1980's brocade.

But most importantly of all, this thing is fucking fugly.  They call this a Queen Elizabeth costume, but she never would have worn bright, screaming turquoise.


  1. Nothing ever needs that many bows. Not even a southern belle costume.

  2. If someone were going for a reproduction of Marie Antoinette, they can use all the bows they please. Otherwise, though, a little restraint would be nice.

  3. wow.... O___o this dress is just so horrid on SO many levels >_<

    Going along with the total clash of centuries **the bow-lined bodice is clearly 18th century** the neon teal fabric COMPLETELY clashes with the dull ivory floral kirtle. Last time I checked the 1980s neon and paisleys these people are trying to pass off as 'authentic' weren't even AROUND then.

    And to think that online shoppers are ACTUALLY paying HUNDREDS of dollars for this crap!

  4. I can give you a few Elizabeths even WORSE...


    ...yeah, have a ball with #5 XD

  5. The bows..... The bows... :::turns green around the gills:: Christ the fabric... :::barfs::

  6. I actually have seen bows down the front of a skirt. But they were on an 1830's day dress and were much, much smaller than these ones. They were also plaid, but even an ugly 1830s dress can't compare to this thing.

    It burns my eyes. Why is she smiling?