Monday, 23 March 2009

A culprit!

You've seen those photos of a medieval-themed wedding where the dresses are cheap satin and everyone looks a bit self-conscious, and it's not nearly as impressive as anyone hoped but everyone is too polite to say anything because it's a wedding?

Well, here's one of the companies to blame for all that. Costume Company UK advertises banquets, weddings, and themed events.

What do they offer? Cheap, badly-fitting satin for the ladies, mostly hard to identify as any place or time because there's hardly a nod to accuracy. Looking for an 'early medieval' theme, or a 'Venetian Renaissance' theme? Look elsewhere. We also have 'sorceress', 'wizard', and 'tavern wench' costumes. For the gents, mostly tunics in dark colours so I hope they didn't want much selection. The costumes often don't have any embroidery, beading, detailing, or accessories, and mostly don't include hats or have a mismatched or incomplete hat (veil-holder with no veil, etc).

Surely if someone is going to fork out hundreds of pounds for an event they should get better than this. I can get better than this from costume rental places near here.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, I love 'Black Magic!' I totally wanna buy it and wear it and be Carmilla for Halloween!

    But it's not Medieval. It's Goth. I know that damn well, and if they want to hire it out for weddings, they ought to bill it as 'Fantasy.'

    And if they want to go for fantasy, they should use a LOT more imagination. Does anyone else get ticked off when people make the same damn thing in fifty different colours and call them different designs? Gwendolyn, Hermione, Evelyn, Maid Marian, Sarah, Rowan and Lady of Shalott are all the SAME DAMN DRESS!