Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tina's world of fug

Meet Tina the Ebay vendor. Tina makes the same dress over and over again. It's simple: a big, baggy sack that's gathered at the neck, with long tulle bat sleeves that look like the work of a six year old DIY goth. Master the fine art of the chemise and you could make these dresses in your sleep.

She bills these things as 'medieval renaissance fantasy faerie style.' Well, I don't know what they're wearing in Faerie these days, but if they're buying stuff like this, they ought to be ashamed. I sure as hell don't fantasise about wearing cheap satin trash bags like these either. As for the 'medieval' and 'renaissance' labels? Not only does the pattern have no trace of historical accuracy, but the fabric's wrong as well.  Prints, when they do appear, include very modern looking scrollwork and flowers.

She also makes 'Southern Belle' dresses.  These look exactly the same as her medievissance things, but with little gathered cap sleeves in place of droopy tulle and a band of cheap lace tied around the waist in place of crochetted trim.

I don't see anybody bidding.


  1. That's... dreadful. I really feel sorry for those fantasy faeries.

  2. I feel sorry for my colour sense.