Monday, 17 January 2011

I'm Just Confused

What is

It's called Period Clothing, and there's a menu of information about the clothing of various periods (let's not get into how accurate that information is; it's certainly too brief and general to be really useful).

But there's... no historical clothing in the offerings. There are no historical categories, and the only content is actually costumes from other websites, advertised there.

I'm not really sure what to make of that.

About GFT

We've had a few comments that seem to misunderstand the purpose of this blog, so just for clarification:

- This is a blog for snarking as entertainment and education. If you dislike that kind of thing, it won't be for you. The jokes here are aimed at the clothing itself, and not at the makers, unless the makers have done something specific to earn a comment - such as seriously mislabel their creations or make misleading statements about them, or grossly overcharge.

- This blog is focused on professionally made costumes, costumes which are being sold, and costumes which are prominent and influential. We do not snark what Joe wore to his first event last week; that would be unfair and petty. We do, however, snark the movie or website that gave Joe the wrong idea in the first place.

- Medieval costuming is a learning process. Research is still being done, sources are still being discovered, and the field is much too large for anyone to know it all. If you spot a mistake in the blog or somewhere else, please comment on it! This is also why our comments are aimed mainly at myths and bad costuming itself, and not at the people making it - perhaps they're learning, too.

- While this blog is flippant and hopefully sometimes funny, we are attempting to make it helpful as well, by providing suggestions and links to good resources as well as warnings about suspicious sources. If you have any resources we should add, please do comment and let us know about them.