Saturday, 28 March 2009

Pure Fantasy, part drei

Another gorgeous gown from romantic-threads, which mixes periods gleefully.  Again, I'd have no problem with it if it weren't for the way it was advertised.

This, apparently, can pass for Victorian, Renaissance or Marie Antoinette.  Three different periods, people, with three very different sets of characteristics.  And let's face it: there is nothing Renaissance about this dress.

The bodice is indeed inspired by the era of Marie Antoinette (or at least early Marie Antoinette), but the cuffs are a little long and black would have been a very unusual choice for the lace (if indeed they would have used it at all!).  They did have overskirts that curved to the sides back then, but they would either have been untrimmed or had ruching around the edge, as opposed to fringe, which looks decidedly Victorian.  

And nowhere, in any period (except for modern Goth gowns) would you have a contrasting panel on a skirt as opposed to a contrasting underskirt revealed by a parted overskirt.  This is a pretty cheap trick... especially for $800!

I've seen things of this type billed as Renaissance over and over.  Get it into your skulls, people: RENAISSANCE and ROCOCO are NOT THE SAME.


  1. Hello! For textiles class this year I'm looking to make a Marie Atoinette inspired dress for my sister (8 years of age) and was wondering if you knew any good websites for background info or any recomendation. Also would something like this dress be acceptable?(for practical reasons)

    Eagerly waiting for your reply,
    Helen xXx

  2. I'm pretty sure they rococo style did not include curtain fringe.