Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Poor, poor Queen Efugabeth

Remember the 'Elizabethan' horror I found at three separate costume shops?

Well, here's the German version:

Okay, so it's not as searing, colourwise. But as far as the pattern goes, it's every bit as stupid. Padded rolls around the head are a medieval thing, not Elizabethan, they were worn with veils, and I don't know what's up with the Omg Glittery Magical Snowflake. Big standing collars were period, but they were pleated lace, everybody. Got that? Pleated lace. And don't get me started on making a dress with two waistlines, which would look stupid in any era, or decorating the seams with, um, well, that looks to me like tacky silver ric-rac. For 300 Euros, faking an underskirt with a contrasting front placket is a damned cheap trick. What the hell is with the miniskirt? And when will people get it into their skulls that back then, NO ONE WORE PAISLEY?


  1. All that and it's ugly, too... WAIT UP, 300 euros? Are you kidding me?