Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lucas Fugnach

Normally I love the Northern Renaissance and the look of 'Cranach gowns,' so called because Lucas Cranach the Elder painted so many of them.  But clearly the German nobility of the 1500's could get tasteless once in a while...

I had never seen this portrait before, but it appeared online at the Art Gallery of Ontario website and it looks legit.  Considering the garish zigzags with a gnarly colour scheme, I'm not surprised this horror doesn't make it into art history texts.


  1. It's all about those sleeves. The rest is fine. But the sleeves just look like 70s interior decor to me.

  2. They sort of remind me of this big, glaring Scandinavian wall-hanging *thing* we used to have in the family room. The only difference is that it was just red, black and white... no yellow.