Monday, 6 April 2009

Plus Size What?

In theory, a site advertising plus-size costuming is a great idea.

In practice, it might help if it actually had costumes as advertised. Under the heading 'Plus-size Renaissance Faire & SCA Costumes' are gems like these:

Pretty and great with jeans, but how are these costumes at all?


  1. Ugh. The Maiden of Verona costume looks like something that appeared in my 4th grade school play. :P

  2. Yes, but that kind of terrible quality and lack of research is everywhere. I found it more startling that JEANS APPEAR on the page.

  3. I am glad to see this blog... Finally someone is doing the good job of exposing historic ignorants, because I am so tired of amateur-like clothes that have nothing or little to do with the historic era they are supposed to be from... ;(- I am a passionate historical fashion researcher and I just can't stand especially one thing: why do some people actually confuse clothing frlom one epoc with another...? Quite often I find that they write 'medieval clothing' when the picture actually shows renaissance, elisabethan, or even - yes, victorian!!! ;* - gown...!!! ;(- ;* Or it says: ''medieval renaissance outfit'' - so is this medieval - OR - renaissance...?! ;/- I can tell, because I know the difference, I can recognize any costume from any time in the history... But let's imagine someone who doesn't know, having completely no idea of how a garment from certain times look like - and they will be completely fooled and confused... They are getting a kind of knowledge which is incorrect and inaccurate... They would fail their exams in fahion history, if they were looking for information for educational purposes... ;* I think people who know little or nothing about historical fashion, should not even try to mislead others... ;* Nice blog, keep up the great work! :-) Greetings from England. :-)