Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Magic Fuggers

Descend with me into the realm of Magic Makers, a costume site that definitely steps beyond the spheres of taste and common sense.

Welcome to the world of clashing colours, horrible prints and strange fabric appliques. Scalloped bat sleeves are goth if you do them well, but I don't think these are even hemmed or lined. And I really don't know what that matching splat on the skirt is about.

This is... I don't know what this is. Where they got the idea for the weird stripes of trim, I have no idea. Pink chiffon capes are wrong wrong wrong and the thing on her head resembles nothing from any point in history. Gee, maybe because it looks so fucking stupid.

Same with this. It takes the meticulously crafted Attor de Gibbets of the 1400s and fucks them in the eye. Why you'd put a sort of trainlike something on a tunic that doesn't reach the floor escapes me, and no one would have worn it anyway. And I know they had a quirky colour sense back than, but sea green, red and pink? I don't think so!

More Just Plain Fugly. I'm getting flashbacks to the blinds my parents had in the livingroom when I was a toddler. Fuck the Harvest Gold, the 70's are over!

Y'know, plus sizes are a lot more flattering if you tailor them a little instead of passing off the ample among us with a big stripey sack. And whatever your size, you'll look stupid with a limey yellow poof on your head.

No. Just NO.

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