Sunday, 12 April 2009


La Pompadour's Renaissance section is an improvement over the Medieval offerings, and they deserve a well-played for every costume copied from a period portrait.  But one wonders why they can't extrapolate and create a more original period gown by using the features of historic examples as inspiration.  

Freely styled after the paintings of Lucas Cranach.  You forgot to add, "with Pre-Raphaelitism thrown in."  After you've stared at enough Northern Renaissance art, this thing will look just plain wrong to you.  

Low cut top with such a narrow decorated band over the bust: wrong!

Long, drapey chiffon oversleeviewhatsits: wrong!

Train: wrong!

Curved hems: wrong!

Having a split overskirt in the first place: wrong!

C'mon, chick.  You're German.  Either specify that this is Cranach meets Arwen or actually give us something that looks German.

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