Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Magic Fuggers: Blokes' edition

Magic Makers ain't no better for the guys...

Holy poncy royalty, Batman! It's kinda the costume equivalent of wearing a shirt with no pants. If they're going for the early middle ages, there should be an undertunic that falls to the floor. If they're going for the later, Burgundian influenced styles that most people associate with the whole Medieval era, then they REALLY need some tailoring. And even if it's just a fantasy costume, they need to tone down the STUPID.

Did they steal the big yellow V from a superhero costume? And please, please tell me I'm not seeing leopard print!

Another case of boxy tailoring and trim patterns on serious crack. Oh, and pantaloons last seen at Dress Like A Pirate. They've got, like, 10 versions of this turkey, which also crops up on other costume sites, and I have no idea how the pattern escaped a childrens' theatre to infect the world of reenactment.

Oh yeah, knights. Can't have a costume store without knights, can we? Nevermind that there is no such thing as fake chainmail that looks remotely real. At the rate we're going, it will take 2,000 years to invent it.

Blaring, baggy buggerage in the 'Lords' section. Will he spit out crappy rap if we throw gold chains around his neck?

All in all, bleaagh!

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