Saturday, 11 April 2009

Renifug Dreams

Oh, have I got a gem for you!  The seamstress of Renaissance Dreams is a master of blocky, baggy, shapeless sacks — possibly the worst tailoring I've ever seen. And oh, dear god, her writing style is just as sloppy as her stitchery.  Sentences like "another classic girls dress is this floor length square neckline and short sleeve with sash" don't exactly inspire confidence.

A direct quote: "this costume is made from a cotten/poly blend with the liked metal full length inlay trimed at the bottom to matching color of the dress."  Um, yeah.  Let me give it a go: Perfect for ren faires on the hot day when lacing up real authentic bodices over linnen chemise is too much god dam effort!

"this is my more elegant middle class dress the fabric is brocade which is dryclean only with a liquid fabric or lame inlay, still has the classic square neck line and the long bell sleeves you pick from my list of patterns and colors." This lots of glittery complete unperiod fantasy the fabric is with a chinese dragon print very *cough* UNIQUE choice for european medival. lame liquid silver inset with a ruffle to match black dress at the bottom thats right yes a fucking ruffle.

peasant wench dress gown costume all straight seams with laces used to hold together oh so very period. will fit anyone just use longer a ribbon trim through gromets size 16 and up!

"mens tunic, made from a cotton poly blend and is machine washable, has the square neck line slited on the arms and up both sides for easy walking and sitting is mid thigh length and your choice of color and color for the cross." tunic worn over a gathered neckline from much later period in unfashionable black.  slits in sleeves very unique, you will be the only one with them at the ren faire because i just made them up. note to self keyhole neckline is much easier when you cheat and put seams down the front. the cross can be made even splotchier please contact with choice of white or yellow felt.

a tank style dress with the square neckline just like every other tank style dress with square neckline shown on site with a cape all spotted with sparkly blobs and a liquid lame inlay to match is OMG even more sparkly! the cape is two square pieces pinched in the back with split from the waist down not for the active little girls might rip it apart.

Argh. I can understand wearing some of this stuff if you're a brand new SCAbie and have never sewn before in your life. But if you haven't improved in a couple of months, you really should get someone to help you with your patterns.  Actually selling this shit?  A total scam, though I have no sympathy for people deluded enough to buy it.

Oh, and if your grammar is atrocious?  Get someone to fucking proofread.  Bad grammar on a professional website is just as insulting to your customers as running your Faire stall in a Star Trek uniform.  


  1. It's not the complete lack of research that gets me. It's not that they're all shapeless sacks. It's not that they show poor sewing skills at the corners and joins.

    It's the sparkly stuff and silver lame all over the place. Even DISCO kept it under control better than this.

  2. But haven't you heard the news? Faye's Vintage 70s Fabric Emporium is having a sale on lamé!