Monday, 6 April 2009

Anne Fuglyn

Oh dear God.

Guess how much this monstrosity costs. Go on, guess.

It's in the deluxe section of Renfest Costumes, and they're asking for $480. Now, they're recommending it for Medieval dinners or costume parties and there's not a word about the SCA, but for that much money you'd think you could at least get something that doesn't look stupid. Buyers may not care that the frills at the neck, the sleeves that flare from the shoulders, the (by Tudor standards) narrow band of fur and the metallic underskirt with gathers are not period... but who the hell would wear that thing on their head?

They also offer us this. The guy's outfit looks perfectly good for a costume party, or even a Ren Faire... but do you really want to spend $745 on it?  She, meanwhile, is a glaring error. No, there were never any dresses like this illustrated anywhere. No, Renaissance women did not wear teeny puffed sleeves. If your arms weren't covered in this era, you were not fully clothed.

Oh, this is really good. For $330, you can get a surcoat with a dubious cut and trim where they never would have put it. And they call it Tudor. How in hell is this Tudor? Sideless surcoats were being worn from the 1100s to the 1300s. The first Tudor king, Henry VII, usurped the throne of England in 1485. This is sort of like claiming that hoop skirts are a turn of the 21st century thing. The partner costume is at least closer to the Tudor period... it looks like a vague attempt at Burgundian fashion of the mid to late 1400s. But it ain't really all that English, and it predates the reign of that iconic Tudor monarch, Henry VIII, by over 30 years.

Ophelia is skipping around undressed and there's NO evidence for chemises with bell sleeves. $255!?

As for the musketeer costumes, the guy's is at least based on historical clothing but the gal looks like period costume meets Frederic's of Hollywood. (What should she be wearing? Click here.) And guys? The whole Cardinal Richelieu / Louis XIII era? BAROQUE, not Renaissance!

I'd like to leave you with this. It's listed as fantasy, not Renaissance, but I've got to mention it because this is one of the worst. wizards. ever. I've seen this same motif used on 80's keds for teenagers.


  1. Some of the clothing isn't too bad, it's just both poorly researched - I suspect the only 'research' was finding a pattern called medieval/ren - and worth about half what they're asking for it.
    (And some of the clothing really is that bad.)

  2. I agree, it runs from pretty but inaccurate to holyfuckwhatisthat!?