Thursday, 30 April 2009

Promises, Promises

Medieval Merchant claims to carry 'medieval, LARP, wicca and gothic themed goods. Stockists of authentic medieval re-enactment wear; larp clothing and props, as well as many gothic and new age inspired items'. Fair enough; not everything they carry will be medieval, and they say so.

And even better, they tell you in the item descriptions what an item is! 'Gothic', 'medieval-inspired', 'fantasy', etc. How handy; we can go directly to the authentic medieval re-enactment wear. For women, they have, uh... they have... they have a liripipe hood and one short-sleeved kirtle that has lacing which 'isn't authentic to the medieval era. However this could perhaps be removed carfully if a more authentic look if required', according to the site. That's... not much. But let's check the men's!

Men get AUTHENTIC cheap linen tunics in two sizes, with no side darts, wide sleeves, short side-slits with trim around them (but not around the bottom hem), and no telling where the seams are. They also get a velvet 'waistcoat/doublet'with only five fastenings in front (and those are wooden toggles). And a 'difficult to find' rectangular cotton surcoat, much too short, with no tailoring whatsoever. There's also a monk's robe, just as cheaply made and inaccurate in the details as the rest of it.

There's no point putting up images from the site; just picture a new SCA member with the third t-tunic they've ever made themselves, from a set of undocumented instructions online, and you will know exactly what these items look like.

Medieval Merchant, you liars.

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