Friday, 1 May 2009

More Mittelfugger

For the most part, there's no point in snarking the guys' clobber at  Why?  Because we've seen it all before at  The tunics with stingy yardage, the bugfuck fake sleeve slashes... yes, it's all depressingly familiar.  But I must, I simply must devote a whole post to this thing:

What the hell is this?  They're calling it a 'Renaissance nightgown,' but this bloke looks like he took a particularly dowdy little old lady's 1920's dress, dropped the waistline even lower, and tacked on sleeves from a goddamn rhumba costume.  He ought to crop it so it just covers his pecs, hitch all that gathering around his waist, and call himself Carmen Miranda's ghost.  All he needs now is some white plastic fruit on his head!

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