Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Word Soup

I would just like to offer my thanks and gratitude to online costume suppliers for their clear and helpful labelling. It makes the job of finding nonsense and separating it from (reasonably) accurate medieval costuming much, much easier.

Anything labelled with three or more terms such as 'SCA-LARP-Renaissance-Faire-Fantasy' (actual example) will be junk.

There are some very impressive and unlikely label combinations out there, too; I think the 'MEDIEVAL RENAISSANCE VIKING SAXON DARK AGE' shoes I saw on ebay is the funniest one I've found so far. Comment with the best combinations you've seen!


  1. Okay I have just seen a 'Georgian/Medieval' backless top on ebay. Oh those wacky Georgian Medievals.

  2. Medieval Fancy Goth Costume LotR Dress Renaissance Vampire!

    Baroque Medieval Renaissance Dress Gown Larp Gothic!

    Medieval Colonial Renaissance Pirate Vest Corset!

  3. Now I'm trying to picture medieval pirates wearing vest-corsets colonizing something.

    Probably Mars.

  4. Oh, and if you see both 'Renaissance' and 'Dracula,' you know it's going to suck. Vampires must have come from the Renaissance era of Planet Gothout.