Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Best of Ebay, vol 1

Oh yes. I did it. I typed 'medieval' into ebay and looked at the results with my bare eyes.

Meet the 'best' results!

To be continued if I don't develop a drinking problem first.


  1. Y'know, there's a site out there that purports to give advice for planning a Medieval themed wedding. They say ebay is the best place to look for a gown, recommending you search on "medieval dress," "medieval garb," etc. I quickly went and had a go. And you know, I found NOTHING scaworthy.

  2. It's not only that most of them are less medieval than my clock radio. It's that so many of them are very poorly sewn and have butt-ugly colours, too. If you're going to do butt-ugly colours at least make them period butt-ugly colours so you have an excuse.

  3. I think being overweight, nothing would be more flattering than a giant floral print quilt made into a massive pouffy skirt!