Saturday, 23 May 2009

Fugly Gowns

Welcome to an irksome little website...

The creator of 'glory gowns' thoughtfully fails to provide examples of her own work for anything but her Renaissance section.  So, what are we left with?  Fantasy clothes based on the LotR film's Arwen.  Okay, fair enough, though I'd like to see some of her own much-touted velvet dresses instead of what looks like a CD cover for the movie soundtrack.  But then, oh dear, we've got Medieval clothing based on Eowyn.  So, let me get this straight.  She's taking designs for two different genres from the same source, which is unabashedly a fantasy film.  If she thinks Eowyn's dresses are any more Medieval than Arwen's, she is very much mistaken.

Oh, and her Renaissance gowns are truly a marvel of shimmery chemises, strapless overdresses, and lace-up arm treatments.  She has, in addition, offered them in faux-suede and corduroy versions.  I'm left wondering why she doesn't just admit that these are Renaissance-inspired fantasy whatsits, in a sort of upscale take on the wenchwear tradition.

Or is it possible that she thinks these things are accurate?  If she does, I'd really love to see her sources.


  1. Taken from the site: "My version of the Renaissance Gown"

    My version.. those are the operative words

  2. The seamstress does not put the Renaissance gowns under the 'fantasy' or the 'specialty' section, and claims they're used for Ren Faires, which is ambiguous - some Ren Faires have Star Trek costumes, while others require some standard of accuracy. So although it says 'my version', the site does imply that this is a historical version, and could really stand to make things clearer.