Monday, 11 May 2009

It's ranty time!

Maybe the spelling of 'Ren Faire' has got some people confused.  It is, in fact, not the same thing as FaerieCon.  Sure, it's meant to be fun and not totally obsessed with accuracy, but it's generally agreed that you should give a nod to historical ambiance.  Wings aren't really in theme and should at least be worn with semi-period costume.

But some people didn't get the memo...

Save it for the Goth club.

I hope you've waxed.

This costume has no practical application in combat!

Another rare species: the little-known Period Punk Faerie.

Aww, didoo think this was a D&D convention?



  1. What gets me is that some of these people obviously put a lot of work and effort into their costumes. If you're doing all that anyway, why not match the theme of the event too? Or organize that FaerieCon, start up a LARP chapter - plenty of ways to get the event you want.

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