Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dubious Deutsch

I'm starting to really dislike it when seamstresses don't give their sources.  It means that when I see something weird, I need to trawl the net looking for precedents.

Like this thing.  The Italianate bodice made me suspicious at once.  I combed through all the German Renaissance portraits I could find, and saw no evidence that women ever combined scooped necklines with landsknecht sleeves.

Now, there may be some obscure source that I've missed.  But if it's so hard to find, it really would be nice to document it.

Update: a helpful commenter has found it! More information in the comments.


  1. It does make a lot of extra work for a suspicious fugger when a site doesn't give source, time, place, something to work with to try to figure out what they're trying to accomplish!

    (Also, it's a big red flag warning sign to people looking for accurate period costumes, I guess.)

  2. Nope, sorry. Period.

    I wish I could find a better picture but the "puff and slash" was found in Italy as well. It wasn't common, but it was there.

    Some others that are to a lesser extant: <- this page has a few. It looks to be common to have it on the lower sleeve or the lower part of the sleeve but there are a few portraits that show the whole sleeve.

  3. Thanks for the helpful info - it's good to get a suspicious/uncertain element placed.

  4. It comes from a movie, not history. But it MUST be real if hollywood did it :)